Client:  Ocean Outdoor

Scope of Works:  Design and build of large advertising tower and installation of specialist lighting

When considering the design of the I-tower the architect wished to create a benchmark to demonstrate just how impressive these large format advertising towers could look

Studiotech was employed as principal contractor to design and deliver the tower to a very demanding timescale and on a site that was not only tight on space and access but was on a 45 degree gradient and adjacent London's busiest arterial route, the A40.

Drawing together a specialist team of engineers, fabricators and contractors, including foundation specialists, steel workers and GRP manufacturers Studiotech began work on this iconic structure.  Each element of the tower had to be fabricated off site in manageable sections and then delivered and erected using compact cranes involving a number of road closures.

The tower is engineered to that all servicing and access is fully integrated within the structure yet impregnable from the outside.

The result is a super smooth polished modern monolith that by day sits proudly on the cityscape and by night becomes stealthlike allowing the display to apparently float framelessly in the night sky.

The design is crisp, clean and elegant and the finish as carefully detailed as the phone in your pocket.