Client:  Land Securities

Scope of Works:  Design, supply and installation of low energy feature lighting

Studiotech's lighting installation at Princesshay Shopping Centre is the sixth project completed for Land Securities, the UK's largest commercial property owner.

Studiotech was tasked by Land Securities to improve both the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of their site using lighting upgrades. Studiotech identified the areas where there was room for the greatest amount of improvement and devised proposals outlining energy and maintenance saving as well as the desired aesthetic improvements.

To date Studiotech have provided lighting solutions to two areas of the site where the need for improved lighting was most pressing.  Along one facade, Studiotech removed the old fluorescent tubes and installed bespoke LED fittings that wash up and down the mesh facade.  As well a reducing the energy consumption by over 50%, the narrow optics of the LED allowed for a much more effective light wash over the mesh.  The maintenance requirements of the centre were also significantly reduced with the 50,000 hour lamp life of the LED compared to just 12,000 hours of the fluorescent tubes.

The second installation completed by Studiotech was within the window recesses along one of the other facades of the building.  We replaced the existing cold cathode lighting, that was beginning to fade and lose its effect, with LED strip lighting which not only significantly reduced the energy consumption but also provided a much more effective wash over the frosted windows.

These two installations were each completed out of hours in order to cause as little disruption to the running of the shopping centre.